At CYPRESS CREEK FARMS, LLC, all of our farm-raised alligator meat is deboned, defatted, cubed, tenderized and then vacuum tumbled with 12% sodium tri-polyphosphate to help maintain moisture during the cooking process.  All meat is then vacuum packed in 3 mil bags and immediately frozen to ensure maximum freshness.  All alligators are grown indoors on a 40% protein diet.


Cubed Gator Meat                           5 lb. pack/50 lb. case


Cubed Gator Meat                           1 lb. pack/12 lb. case


Gator Tenderloins - Tail                    5 lb. pack/50 lb. case


Gator Ribs*                                    3 lb. pack/45 lb. case


Gator Wings*                                  5 lb. pack/50 lb. case


* These items have limited availability due to cutout yeilds.

All meats are HACCP approved.